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Airi Ishikawa - MYO SoA OC :iconsailorsnowflake:SailorSnowflake 4 6 Baymax Gijinka :iconsailorsnowflake:SailorSnowflake 0 4 The Performing Marionette :iconsailorsnowflake:SailorSnowflake 2 8 Meri Akela and Mika Kobayashi :iconsailorsnowflake:SailorSnowflake 0 2 Rose :iconsailorsnowflake:SailorSnowflake 0 12 How to Cosplay~ :iconsailorsnowflake:SailorSnowflake 1 8 Pandora's Box :iconsailorsnowflake:SailorSnowflake 2 0 Tsum Tsum - Minnie and Mickey 2 :iconsailorsnowflake:SailorSnowflake 1 4 ShinRan - Running Blind :iconsailorsnowflake:SailorSnowflake 1 0 Lily - Cactipum :iconsailorsnowflake:SailorSnowflake 6 0 Molly and Erica :iconsailorsnowflake:SailorSnowflake 1 12 Cute Ghost :iconsailorsnowflake:SailorSnowflake 0 8 Cutie Valentine :iconsailorsnowflake:SailorSnowflake 2 10 3 Year Anniversary - DTA! (Closed) :iconsailorsnowflake:SailorSnowflake 8 12 Above and Beyond :iconsailorsnowflake:SailorSnowflake 0 0 Dream-Sprite - Melody Rose :iconsailorsnowflake:SailorSnowflake 3 8


If you are having a bad day, I hope they help :iconthelittlethingy:TheLittleThingy 4 1 Baymax Cupcake :iconwatermeowlon:Watermeowlon 23 19 Alolan Vulpix :iconaquabluu:aquabluu 71 17
Detective Karen: Chapter 4: Part 1:
Previously in Detective Karen:
Karen Hornung a 26 year old young woman from our world. A young magician girl who is an Egyptology student in her normal day life and also a huge fan of the anime and manga series of Detective Conan followed a strange man through a dimension portal and suddenly got trapped into a foreign world being not her own one.
Later it turned out that she got stuck into the city of Tokyo, the same city of Tokyo known from the Detective Conan Manga series.
After this she made her way to the Beika district of Tokyo in order to meet her hero Conan Edogawa and eventually get some help from him.
On her way through Tokyo she was meeting several other Characters from the Detective Conan manga, including Kaito Kid, Inspector Takagi and some minor Charakters known from cases solved by Conan. She was also meeting a little girl named Momoko Hinohara whose mother went missing during the event of one of Kaitos heists. Together with Momoko, Karen h
:iconsonnenkatze346:Sonnenkatze346 1 0
MYO SoA OC Event {OPEN TILL 7th April}
2 events are currently going to be held as a thanks to all the 150 lovely people who have watched me!
These will include a Draw My OC Contest on top of this event, a chance to draw up your own character for mine and adventuretime0975's manga called School of Angels!
I'm sorry I can't make it longer but the school term ends on the 31st of March for me so if I finish the events on the holidays, I'll have more time to draw up prizes and stuff xP

Rules to enter are quite simple~
-Fav this journal
-Spread the word through a poll, status update, journal etc (optional but it would be greatly appreciated!!)
-Have some fun~!

Entering is exactly the same as most MYO events held for closed species~
-Design a character that you would like to see in School of Angels (must be a visual design and you can decide if you want to give them a little backstory or personality, name, age e
:iconvocaotaku5793:vocaotaku5793 1 10
Conan Crayon :iconhoney4869:Honey4869 14 0 Mimikyu Assemble [Day 35] (END) :iconthelittlethingy:TheLittleThingy 15 2 Mickey Mimikyu [Day 32] :iconthelittlethingy:TheLittleThingy 7 2 Betsy Bonbon~ Contest Entry :iconpilulu:Pilulu 30 1 I got you :iconbluetita:Bluetita 35 8 [REPOST]YGO 5D's 2.0 - Chap1-After all those years :iconmaryenne042:Maryenne042 38 3 The King of Games :iconyuumistral:YuuMistral 62 34 The Mouris :iconbluetita:Bluetita 27 6
| Your Name? |
A Reader x Free! Sousuke
The weather forecast today is bright sunny skies with a very low chance of rain! Go out, take a nice long walk and don't forget to enjoy the weather!
I stood there, drenched from head to toe underneath a tiny awning that barely covered me. Thunder and lightning roared above me in the dark and gloomy sky. Wind blew strongly, as if threatening to knock me over. I shivered in my very wet thick jacket, clutching my book bag against my chest. I sighed. 
That's what I get for believing the weather forecast 100%. Zero umbrella and very wet. Not to mention it is unusual for it to be sunny in the dead of winter. So much for taking the long scenic route home.
I sneezed repeatedly for at least three times, unable to take the cold any longer. I glanced over to my right only to spot a cafe, tucked away in a corner. I looked up the sky searching for a sign that it would stop spitting rain and ro
:icontheoniwithglassess:TheOniWithGlassess 22 4
[Pokemon/Yugioh] Mimiyugi :iconrazorblaze74:Razorblaze74 12 0 A Great Trick :iconbluetita:Bluetita 27 8



3 Year Anniversary - DTA! (Closed)
I decided to do something special ^-^ DTA - Draw To Adopt~ Note: She is wearing a turtleneck. Base by :iconkeimeii: 

Edit: I am going to allow a week only extension because there really hasn't been many entries. After the deadline is up, there will be no more extensions.

Edit: This was supposed to be closed Monday, I just haven't had any time. Since there weren't many entries, I can't declare a winner ^^' Thank you to those who entered~ I really liked your entry ^-^

- The character is currently named Sakura, but the winner can change it if they want to.
- Slight changes can be made to the design, but not drastic. You do not have to ask me if you'd want to change anything once you win.
- It doesn't have to be drawn as a chibi, it can be drawn full body.
- I'll be judging based on quality, so no 5 minute drawings, but don't worry, I won't be too harsh. ^-^
- To enter, you must favorite this drawing, and you must draw the adopt pictured.
- Once you win, this adopt will be fully yours, and yours to keep or trade if you will. However, you must not sell this adopt, because you didn't buy it. You do not need to tell me who you traded it to if you traded or gifted it.
- DEADLINE: March 13th, you have one month to draw ^-^
- Put a comment with a link to the drawings in the comment section~
Airi Ishikawa - MYO SoA OC
This is my OC for :iconvocaotaku5793:'s event~ ^-^  This is the Dream Selfy version:

Name: Airi Ishikawa 
Age: 10
Backstory: She is a daughter of a rich family who abused her because of her power. She is a spellsinger, or chantress, and she has potential in her power, however, she doesn't have full control over her power yet. Her parents kept pushing her to her magic's limit each day, so finally, she got tired of it, and ran away. She is currently living with her aunt, Hinata, who had died, but had a special chance to come back to Earth to protect her and help her to control her powers and use them for good. Before Airi ran away, she had a continued conflict with her parents because she didn't see the world like they did. They punished her for trying to help others, humans and animals included. Now, she still tries to help others and be kind to people, and make new friends.
The Performing Marionette
Another piece for art class ^-^ And btw, the marionette's hair is a ref to Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone :3 The "audience" are all monsters xD Can you guess them all?


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I know my art needs improvement. You don't need to keep telling me that, I don't have all this fancy art stuff anyone else has. So what? :U Deal with it.

Also, I don't draw or write (Though Hetalia is ok sometimes) nudity or inappropriate stuff. And for those of you who know Free Realms, I'm Redachu~

Any profile pic I use belongs to their rightful owners. But if I use my own deviation, then it would be my own.

One more thing: I don't allow art theft. Do not steal any of my artwork. (But I don't consider bases as art theft) Neither do I allow chain mail spam messages. Those will be flagged as spam.

Adoptables: 100 points (Can be anything but a pony since I can't draw those)
Digital Drawings: 200 points (Can be a chibi, full body, drawing of your OC, a background, an animal, a Vocaloid or anime character, a tv character, a book character, or a slug (For the Slugterra lovers~)
Traditional Drawings: Without color - 200 points, With color - 300 points (Same as digital drawings)
Headshots: 200 points (Same as digital drawings, can be traditional or digital)
Wing Design: 300 points (This is a wing design for a faerie OC of any kind, and the design can be any kind, can be traditional or digital)

Art Trades: Open, free
Requests: Open, free, (Bases are available and are free as well, other people can use them too, and credit me - these bases will be my own drawn bases and NOT traced or made from anime/shows)
I'm bored, so I picked some prompts to write something for :3 Some might be long, some might be short. I looked through a bunch of different prompt lists other deviants had put up, I didn't make them up btw. And I'm only going to make a gender for the "MC" of the prompt, so if it's a lover or a friend, you can imagine any gender ^-^

1 - Stop and Stare

 She walked along the sidewalk, in a crowd. The wind blew her hair out of her face, and the sun appeared from behind the clouds. The sun's light shined brightly, lighting up her hair to a fire red color. People stopped and stared at her. She was the center of attention of a dull, gray world without any color.

2 - Strawberries

"These are so good!"

"They're fresh. I'm so glad you like them, I was worried you wouldn't."

 She looked back on a childhood memory when she first tried strawberries, with her childhood friend, and her first love. She still thought of that every time she picked up a strawberry and ate it. It reminded her of when times were more simple, not caring about being in love, dating, breaking up, etc.

3 - The Train Came

 A distant, but not so far off train whistle could be heard. She dreaded the moment that the train pulled up, for her best and closest friend was leaving. She wished she could go with her friend, however, she knew she couldn't, and so made the most of her time now. They had a conversation like they usually would, they laughed like usual, except there was no joy in it. 

"Oh, come on. Cheer up. It's not like you won't be able to talk with me again, or see me again. We have each other's numbers, and we can Skype whenever we want."

"I know, but this is the last time we'll ever see each other again in person."

"Maybe we could meet up sometime, then it won't be so bad."

"You're right."

 She smiled. The train finally pulled up, and let out a whistle. They hugged tightly for the last time in a while.



 They got on the train and looked back at her from the window. They waved, she waved back. She started to cry, as did they. She finally watched her friend leave and turned to leave the station herself.

4 - Woods

She wandered through the brightly lit forest. It was very beautiful, the trees all having flowers, and lit by the sunlight. She wondered if she was in a dream or not, she couldn't tell. She took in the scenery as she slowly walked, feeling peaceful and relaxed. There was a light breeze blowing from the opposite direction. There was also plenty of wildlife around - bunnies, foxes, deer, butterflies, etc. A beautiful red butterfly made it's way near her and she held out her finger, hoping it would land. It landed on her finger, and she took the time to really look at it, observing it's beauty.

5 - Ferris Wheel

"Let's go!"

 Her and her lover walked over to the huge ferris wheel in the carnival they were at. They stood in line, waiting to get on.

"This is going to be fun~"

"Yeah, and the view will be amazing from way up there."

 The people in front of them got on, and then it was their turn. They got in a seat, and the ride began. They slowly made their way up to the top, looking around them at the view. Finally, they got up to the top and stopped. 

"Wow, it's amazing!"

"It's a great view of the whole carnival."

 Her lover turned to her, and got closer and closer to her. She realized what was going on, so she closed her eyes. With their eyes shut, they began to kiss, all the way at the top of the ferris wheel.

6 - Childhood Toy Turns Out To Be A Secret Artifact

 She was cleaning out the attic one day, dusting it, and trying to find old stuff that she wanted to get rid of. There were boxes and boxes of stuff stacked up in the attic. She picked up a certain box with all her old childhood toys.

"Wow, I had so many toys when I was younger.."

 She picks through them all, and finds an old butterfly plushie that she'd refused to give up and had been so attached to. She looks at it and remembers how she couldn't part with it. She suddenly finds a string on it that hadn't been there before.


 She pulls at the string, which then becomes longer and longer until it reveals a butterfly shaped box.

"What is this..?"

 She opens the box, to find a butterfly shaped sapphire jewel. 

"How was this even hidden inside there..? I bet this is worth a lot of money.. And who does this even belong to?"

 She had more questions than she'd ever had in her whole life, and she didn't have the answers, nor a way to find them.

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